The Technolora Blog Spot – Who are we?

Hey there, let us introduce ourselves. 

We are Technolora Inc., a bunch of Audio Visual professionals based out of beautiful Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (also known as The Waterfall Capital of the World). Technolora provides many different audiovisual services, such as AV Supplies, Design Services, Integrations, and Training to our customers in all various sectors (Hospitality, Education, Corporate, and many more).  If you're looking for more information on Technolora, please visit our "About Us" section on our website. 

Why has Technolora chosen to write a blog?

We love to share our knowledge and expertise with others, so we decided…. heck, why not start a blog on our website to deliver some information about our AV industry?

A few questions that often come up are:

“How does someone get into the Audio Visual industry?” “Where can I get training?” “Do I need to go to school to become an AV Professional?” “What are some handy tools that should be in my tool bag?” “What is a CTS certification… Do I need it?”

The list goes on and on. This blog will be an excellent read for people who want to get their career started as an Audio Visual professional. 

There are many opportunities for people to get into this fantastic field. With the current state of the world and the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have seen exponential growth in how we use AV technology. Video conferencing has evolved the way we communicate and connect our daily business. It is absolutely incredible the number of people that are actually jumping on to video conferencing platforms for business, collaboration and education (About 11 million meetings a day).

This evolution of integration has been necessary to evolve, as we have to find ways of providing touchless operations to reduce the spread of the virus on surfaces. New and innovative ways for students to learn and communicate with facility and instructors around the globe are also becoming more and more essential. 

Here we have only mentioned a few new evolving technologies about our industry; it just keeps on growing!

What information can we find in the Technolora Blog?

Our primary focus for our blog will be to introduce you to the information you can use to become an Audio Visual professional. We want to help better educate you on the basics and build your skills to effectively complete specific AV Certifications in the field (more on Certifications in a later post).  These will help in making your portfolio and assist as building blocks to begin your AV Career. 

We will also try and cover new and upcoming relevant information useful for you as an AV professional. Our industry is filled with many networking opportunities and conferences for you to gain access to some great people and information. 

What's next for the blog?

Our next post will be titled "The journey to the AV Industry,". Most AV professionals have some training; however, the path we take differs from person to person. If you have any questions about getting into the AV industry, leave a comment below or reach out to us at

Till the next one....


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