We are The Masters of All Things Audiovisuals 

At Technolora, we specialize in audiovisual design, integration, supplies, and training for individuals and businesses looking for great deals, quality service, and best-in-class A/V products. We sell everything from cables and AV hardware appliances to fully integrated systems.  As AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) partners with broad expertise in the field, we perform general technology solution tasks and deliver superior operating and servicing solutions that can reward our customers with better A/V experiences. We structure our AV Services to ensure that our customers' audiovisual needs are met on time and within budget. 


About Us 

Here to Enrich Your Audiovisual Experience. 

Technolora was established in 2019 in the beautiful, historical city of Hamilton, Ontario Our mission is rooted in our passion to design, create, and deliver, powerful A/V solutions for individuals and businesses. We provide top-quality AV products and services specifically designed to address each client's wants and needs. 


Our business' objective is to help customers enjoy unrestricted access to the best A/V products in the market. More importantly, we are here to collaborate with them and use our expertise to determine the best A/V solutions for them. Beyond Sales, Design, and Integration, we also provide extensive training on various A/V technology. 



What Makes Technolora Different? 

We Value Excellence and Exceptional Performance 

We uphold strictly high standards for product quality and performance because we are passionate about giving our customers the highest value for money. 


We Care Deeply about Transparency and Honesty 

Technolora is built on honest practices and transparent and consistent communication. We ensure that the solutions we offer are those that our customers truly need, and we find optimal ways to deliver the best value at the least cost. 


We Value Collaborative Thinking and Relationships 

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the Technolora team, and we learn to see things from the perspective of their needs to get a holistic view of the problem. This unique perspective puts us in a position to offer practical and relevant design and implementation support services. 


We Continuously Embrace Change and Innovation  

We know that the A/V industry is constantly changing. We find ways to stay updated about the newest A/V equipment hitting the market. With this approach, we reward our customers with greater innovation and knowledge advantage. 


What We Offer 

Need Analysis 

The first step in our process is to understand the need of our customers. We then categorize these needs based on priority and analyze them in greater detail to evaluate the best solution options. 


Custom Design  

Our designs are crafted precisely to specification and each customer's unique product requirements. 


Expert Knowledge and Industry Experience 

Technolora technicians have the requisite training to handle any scale of work, and they bring years of valuable experience to each project. 



Our technicians also provide appropriate training to ensure you are getting the highest ROI on every dollar spent on products and services.  

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